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Argentina is such a diverse country that a holiday needs to be well planned to catch a glimpse of the wide range of activities on offer. That's why having a South America travel specialist will really pay off when you are planning your itinerary in this fabulous land.Argentina is truly a place where there is something for everyone. No matter what your taste or passion, Argentina and its people will thrill you to the core. Slotted between the Andes and the Atlantic, Argentina boasts a unique mix of influences. The capital city, Buenos Aires, is a magical, beating heart of a city with a nightlife to challenge any other capital city worldwide. It's usual to see people, including families, dining out at midnight because, in the cities of Argentina, nightlife starts late and goes all night.But Argentina has so much more to offer than just its vibrant cities. It has a variety of geographical features - including the world's largest waterfall - flora and fauna, colourful culture, fantastic food and wine and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.To make the most of your time in Argentina, it's wise to take the advice of a travel specialist with local knowledge specific to South America and, particularly, Argentina. They will be able to help you decide between the huge range of tourist options and steer you in the direction of the cities, towns and villages that most suit your individual needs.You will want to spend time in glorious Buenos Aires, savouring the culture, cuisine and nightlife. You'll enjoy strolling through wide boulevards and across leafy parks and looking at some of the historical buildings. And don't forget to learn the tango!Other Argentinean cities on your itinerary could include Cordoba, Mar del Plata and Mendoza. Cordoba is a beautiful city bordered by the Sierra Chica mountain range which makes it the perfect beginning point for a tour of the Andes. In complete contrast, Mar del Plata on the Atlantic coast is Argentina's most popular beach resort. Mendoza has a modern look because of a devastating earthquake in the 1800s which meant the city had to be completely rebuilt. As a result, it's a well designed city with every amenity for the tourist.

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