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Post  Admin on Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:45 pm

I suggest that one of the main reasons why astral travel is often considered a pseudoscience instead as a natural ability is that it is misunderstood. Astral travel is an innate ability that humans possess and you might already be astral traveling without recognizing what you are doing.It's pivotal to note here that when a soul is astral traveling, he or she has left their physical eyeballs and their ears back at their body. The sensory inputs the spirit utilizes are different from here on earth. I'll use the example of a pair of binoculars.Suppose you had a pair of binoculars permanently mounted to your face. Your long distance vision would obviously be superb. If you have always had those binoculars on, you would not know that you had the ability to focus crisply on objects close by. And if the binoculars were suddenly removed, would you even recognize that what you were now seeing was with your own true vision?To really understand astral travel, you have to think of your being two selves. Your one self is the physical you that you see in your mirror. Your other self is the spirit you that you look at with only your mind's eye. That spirit is the only portion of you that astral travels and you will see your astral surroundings with your mind's eye.

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